Video: Dakar Rally challenge for Classic Porsche 911s

by on January 5, 2013

Porsche friends Franz Wunderlich and co-driver Klaus Peter Kristek are currently running their Tuthill Safari 911 on the Africa Eco Race 2013: a mega thrash through Morocco into the Western Sahara and on to Dakar. The event is ‘Eco’ in so far as they take their rubbish home: everything else is run in the spirit and footsteps of Dakar founder, Thierry Sabine.

Ferdinand Tuthill Wunderlich Porsche 911 9

The pic is from testing with Tuthill in Wales: there’s very little news from the boys so far. My guess was they’d been exhausted after some tough times in the desert and I think this was probably right. Check them out at 2m20 in this video clip.

It’s tempting to think that the right of that route looks easier, but desert appearances are deceptive. Running a 2wd classic 911 through this sort of terrain is super challenging: you don’t want to slow down in soft sand, and changing your mind on direction half way through an obstacle is never a good idea. I feel for the boys trying to dig their way out of this!

More news from the desert as we get it! Many thanks to Robert Kranz at Rallyewerk for the heads up, as I’d never have found this otherwise.

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