Urban Outlaw, Magnus Porsche flick: 25k views & rising

“911’s such an iconic shape, you know, it’s just the classic Porsche. When people think of Porsche, they think of 911, and that shape has endured for almost fifty years. You can still look at the new Porsche today, and you know it’s a 911. They may call it a 997, but to everyone out there, it’s a Porsche 911.”

So says Magnus Walker at the start of Urban Outlaw, which went on public internet release yesterday. The movie has enjoyed 25,000 views so far.

Links to the film have been popping up everywhere, but one point which needs to be made clear is that this epic half-hour documentary has opened on Reelhouse for free, in the hope of balancing the cost of production through donations of support. This movie took a crew of ten people many days to shoot and edit. It was an unpaid labour of love for the team, who sought to tell this story in the best way possible.

Director Tamir Moscovici (below, right) is touched by the contributions received. “We’ve generated $800.00 in support: individuals are donating $50, $75 dollars at a time – that’s moving.”

For Tamir, money was not the end goal. Art comes first. “Once the camera starts rolling, it doesn’t matter if we’re paid to shoot or not. We commit to a project, and I’m all-in. Do it absolutely the best it can be, or don’t do it.”

Luckily for us fans of classic Porsche, not only did 993-owning Tamir go all-in on this project, he picked a hell of a story to go all-in with. Walker’s Porsche bio is lusciously produced, and bound to go down as a classic. We’re proud to support with a Ferdinand donation, and gain a printable film poster in return. We’ll run it off on the big art printer and hang it on the office wall. Two are available depending on support: here’s the entry-level option:

Well done boys, and everyone involved in the making of Urban Outlaw. Such an epic project! Hard to see how it can be topped, but as a yardstick for ambition, it’s totally incredible.

Watch the film and donate in support at http://www.reelhouse.org/mos/urbanoutlaw

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