Tuthill sends a stack of cars to Sweden

by on January 3, 2013

Tuthill Porsche has just sent a truckload of 911s to its all-new Below Zero ice driving camp in Sweden. The truck in question is one of Tim Grimshaw’s wagons, which normally pound up and down the well-heeled track day routes to Spain and Portugal. What a life!

Tuthill Porsche ice driving 2

The pic shows four 911s loading, but there are two cars already on site for press days later this week. The rally gurus will run six classic Porsche 911′s on the frozen lake this year, ranging from narrow body early 911s with the 230 bhp Tuthill Challenge-spec engine to widebodied Almeras-style cars running almost 300 bhp.

Tuthill Porsche ice driving 1

All of the cars run studded tyres with maximum seat time for all drivers. None of this sitting-in-a-portacabin-for-half-the-day rubbish. You can do all day on the ice if you’re so inclined!

Contact Tuthill Porsche for more information or visit the Below Zero Ice Driving website. Here’s some video from the Norway season to show what it’s all about.

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