Tuthill Porsche Ice Driving on Snowy UK Roads

by on January 27, 2013

We all drive differently. My best driving lessons came from advanced motorcycle training. The instructor hung everything on speed and position, which demands constant awareness of what’s going on around you. “Am I doing the right speed and am I in the right position?” Constantly ask yourself those questions and you won’t go too far wrong.

Porsche 906 Ferdinand Magazine

Our instructor also drilled the escape route principle into us: what will you do NOW if something goes wrong? That’s always at the front of my mind when behind the wheel, and has saved my bacon more times than I can remember. And “you go where you look”, so look where you want to go and keep changing that target. Combine the constant escape route and “you go where you look” and you can slip out of most situations.

I love good driving skills, so I liked this video from my Jedi Porsche rally master friend, Richard Tuthill. Below Zero Ice Driving owner and instructor, Richard shares some tips on how to drive safely on ice-covered public roads. Keen drivers will already do much of this, but there’s no harm being reminded of a few basic principles.

This is quite a bit slower than what it’s usually like sitting next to him in a car. I’ve asked him to do one entitled “how to drift in a supermarket car park”. Fingers crossed!

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