Tuthill Porsche Blitzes Birthplace of Bonaparte

Team Tuthill Porsche has just returned from Corsica and the Tour de Corse Historique 2012. French driver, Francois Leandri hired one of Tuthill’s Porsche 911s and brought it to this (French) island in the Mediterranean Sea, off the north-west coast of Italy.

Corsica is famous as the birthplace of Bonaparte. French emperor Napoléon was born in 1769 in the Corsican capital of Ajaccio. His ancestral home, Casa Buonaparte, is today used as a museum. Tuthill Emperor, Richard the First, was delighted with how it all worked out. “What a brilliant four days. The car was perfect, Francois was delighted, weather was glorious and the island and people were very welcoming.”

Corsica’s big rally – the Tour de Corse – is known as one of the greatest Tarmac rallies in the world. Like Kenya’s Safari Rally, the Historic version is just as competitive, with Group B cars and all sorts of other classics hammering the twisty coastal roads for four days. The jury’s out on how many 911s were running the three litre engines their papers claimed, but Tuthill’s bona fide 3-litre 911 did a great job in Francois’ hands and came home 15th overall.

“We could have stayed for another week,” said Richard, “but preparations for Safari 2013 and our upcoming ice driving season are in full swing. Lots to do so we’ve got to crack on!”


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