Top Track Day at Spa with TwinSpark Racing

by on October 12, 2011

Our little jaunt to Spa with TwinSpark Racing on Monday was a lot of fun. The day started damp, but a light breeze and intermittent sunshine got the party started soon enough. By the time everyone was back on track post lunch break at 1 PM, the Tarmac was bone dry and speeds began to climb. Here’s some iPhone pics from the day.

Leonard Stolk had brought The Hulk, TwinSpark’s Viper Green ex-Ben Pon RSR. This car has just won the Dutch Historic GT Championship, so is plenty fast enough for fun. Everyone who climbed out of the passenger seat TwinSpark had slipped into the newly overhauled cabin for the day was most impressed!

I thought all the cars there were pretty special. Bringing a 911 to Spa in October is the mark of a true 911 enthusiast, so everyone who attended deserves a round of applause. As I was going straight to Heathrow after the event, to fly to California for Rennsport Reunion, I came in my eBay GTi and used it to skate around Spa’s infield roads, finding the best spots for photos. I’m quite pleased with the results.

Coming home was an event. The Golf developed a driveshaft knock outside the circuit gates, which sounded sure to fail en route, likely leaving me stranded on the hard shoulder of the E42. Should that have happened, my plan was to crawl it as close to Lille Eurotunnel station as possible, abandon it there and catch the train back to Blighty.

In the end, the noise seemed to evaporate after a few miles of autoroute. The stopgap GTi showed Porsche-like spirit, taking me to the (absolutely rubbish) EasyHotel Heathrow for an overnight stop and then on to the airport no problem the next day. I’m writing this from the verandah of WEVO Towers in San Francisco, where the temperature is a balmy 24 degrees! The driveshaft is on my list of more stuff to do when I get home.

This weekend is Rennsport Reunion IV at Laguna Seca Mazda Raceway, and the Porsche Race Car Classic in nearby Carmel. I’m at Rennsport but didn’t sort a ticket for the RCC. Still, I hope to bring you pics from both events. Stay tuned for more!


minsoon kim October 13, 2011 at 1:47 am

hi im kim in seoul. wonderful and great scenary. im loving 993 964 930. its my dreamcar but sadly cant find good condition air cooled porsched in korea.if i could buy great old porsche.and then i will communicat you likes other country porsche owner. thanks.

Al October 13, 2011 at 9:08 am

Hey John, sorry to hear about the driveshaft. Is that why you’d parked up as we left the circuit? I’d have run shotgun for you on the way back if I’d known. Glad you made it back to the sanctuary of the EasyHotel OK, and thanks again for setting up an amazing trip. Loved it, where’s next…?

John October 18, 2011 at 1:49 am

Hi mate, no was talking to builders when parked up. Back in the UK on Friday so we’ll see how much noise it makes on way home. Have been thinking about reshelling it after the new garage is built so let’s see what happens. M3 in works at at the mo and should be done soon!

Tankman October 17, 2011 at 3:10 pm

Wot no Clio? Nice pics John as always and good to see you.

John October 18, 2011 at 1:47 am

You too mate, great to catch up.

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