Sam Tordoff drives Grandad’s Porsche Carrera RS

by on January 17, 2013

Continuing this weeks’ Autofarm theme, here’s a nice story from last year you might not have seen.

Sam Tordoff Ferdinand Porsche RS 1

Thirty eight years after Jack Tordoff drove his Porsche 911 Carrera RS to third place in the Galway Rally, Carrera Cup-driving grandson Sam Tordoff got behind the wheel of the same car at Autofarm. It was the first time Sam had ever seen the car and, despite piloting a 450 bhp Porsche Cup Car for the past two years, it was also the first road Porsche he had ever tried.

Sam Tordoff Ferdinand Porsche RS 2

Junior enjoyed driving the RS, one of  17 RHD RS Lightweights built. The RS of course celebrated its 40th birthday last year. “Though the Carrera RS is a world away from my Cup racing car, the lineage between the cars is evident in its responsiveness and driver-focussed approach,” said Sam. “Knowing it was the 911 my grandfather raced with made it even sweeter.”

Sam Tordoff Ferdinand Porsche RS 3

Jack Tordoff founded the Yorkshire JCT600 dealerships that continue to sell new Porsches today. In 1975, he sold the RS to Irish rally driver Ken Shields before Autofarm’s Josh Sadler purchased it in 1984. For the next four years, it was a familiar and successful circuit racer in Giroflex colours for drivers like Tony Dron, before returning to the road in 1989. Autofarm sold the car again last year, squeezing Sam’s drive in before it left the workshop.

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