Top Spot for Twinspark Porsche Parts: Rallye du Maroc

Twinspark Racing customer, BMA/Bernard Munster Autosport, recently took victory on the 2012 Rallye du Maroc Historique. This gruelling rally is a direct descendant of the famously tough Morocco International: a long-time car killer that drew entries from around the world, thanks to the epicness running through its veins.

The Twinspark/Munster association goes back to the earliest sales of classic Porsche parts by the popular Dutch racing team. Sparkmeister Stolk tells me that BMA was the first approved TwinSpark Garagiste dealer, and benefits from trade discounts on all of Twinspark’s parts.

One interesting Twinspark-supplied product run on the BMA Porsche 911 rally cars for this event is the Porsche 911 gearbox/transmission cooling system. Developed by WEVO on the desert racetracks and endurance circuits of North America, this product has been tried and tested across harsh terrain and, like all parts sold by the firm, in TwinSpark’s own cars, too.

BMA’s Morocco win came at the peak of a last-stage battle with the leading Escort: very similar to the year-long battle between Twinspark and its closest competitor in last year’s battle for the Dutch Historic GT championship, which TwinSpark won. Perhaps nursing some reliability concerns, the Escort played it cautious on the final leg, and a thirty-second lead became sixty seconds lost to the charging 911. Munster seized the win, with Chantriaux’s Escort coming home second.

Well done to everyone concerned. Francis Tuthill told me great things about Morocco after his visit there last year, and these pictures from the organisers certainly confirm it as a beautiful event.

If you’re in the Porsche business anywhere in Europe and would like to talk about buying for trade purposes, drop an email to and set up a phone call with TwinSpark boss, Leonard Stolk. The company is proud to support the garagistes keeping real Porsche racing alive. They want to hear from you!

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