SVP Porsche builds FIA 935 Chassis

Specialist Vehicle Preparations built the Jägermeister 934, soon to be featured in the relaunch issue of Ferdinand’s iPad-specific Porsche Magazine.

Good as the 934 was, SVP’s Dom Delaney is not a man to rest on his laurels. The Worcestershire Porsche firm recently handed a new racing beauty to a new owner, and Ferdi was there to take a few pictures.

The project is an FIA-approved build of a 935 Porsche chassis. The new owner will do some of the fitting out at home, before returning the car to SVP for final fit and run-in.

Starting with a right-hand drive shell, the body was stripped before Delaney’s team added a custom roll cage, tied to the front and rear turrets. Air jack tubes were fitted, along with quite a lot of work underneath. A flocked dash and SVP heated front windscreen were also fitted before departure.

A lucky break on eBay brought a complete DP Motorsport front end from a late-style 935 race car. DP’s Gerald recognised the kit once SVP had refitted it after paint.

“That’s what we call a 935 DP2,” Gerald told me. “The one-piece front with quick release was first built for Jürgen Alzen’s silver 911, used in VLN Cup on the Nordschleife.”

The sublime silver shell features DP panels throughout, including DP lightweight doors. Perfect as they are, I would probably put EB Motorsport lightweight Porsche doors on a car of my own. EB’s doors fit beautifully, are quite a bit cheaper and allow electric or manual window regulators to be fitted, so are more suitable for road car use.

Not much road in this 935’s future: the Irish owner will take it racing in Europe when the project is complete. You know we’ll be there every step of the way!

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