SVP Porsche builds a Baby 935. Literally.

Another recent bit of fun at Worcestershire’s favourite Porsche spot, Specialist Vehicle Preparations, was this half-size replica of the Porsche 935.

SVP’s Dom Delaney sent me a link to the eBay auction encouraging me to go for it, but I’ve got other stuff to pay for at the minute (more of that later). I dared him to bid instead and so he did, eventually winning the sale.

The car was designed for children up to 5′ 2″ tall, or my wife. The complete front half lifts for driver entry. The rear section is also hinged to allow access to engine and fuel tank. The chassis is bronze welded, always a pointer towards quality manufacture. It’s made of 25mm tube and box section, drilled for suspension, pedals and engine mounts.

The floor is an aluminium/fibreglass composite. The body is moulded in fibreglass, including the seat moulding, bulkhead and rear spoiler. The ‘glass’ all around is heat formed, as are the light covers. Front grille, door handles and bonnet badge are included!

The engine is a brand new Robin 5 4-stroke with electric start. It’s got rack and pinion steering, with rose-jointed track rods and roller bearing front uprights and hubs. The wheels are aluminium split rims with treaded pneumatic tyres. Anything else required to finish will be a standard go-kart part.

Now I’m writing this out, I can’t believe I didn’t go for it! Looking forward to seeing what SVP makes of the assembly.

What do you think of it? What colour scheme would you paint it in? Answer in the comments!


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