£50 off latest iPad on Apple Store UK

As Ferdinand is an iPad Porsche magazine, here’s a heads-up to anyone thinking of grabbing an iPad anytime soon. You can save £50 off the price of an iPad by buying Apple refurbished direct. The store is doing the 32GB Wi-Fi model which retails at £479 for £429 refurbished (in brand new condition). You can extend the standard guarantee with Applecare later.

I have two iPads: a 32GB 3G first generation and a 16GB WiFi-only current version. If I was running music or movies on my newest iPad, 32GB would probably be the minimum space required. I don’t need that amount of space, as my iPhone has all the music and I use Apple’s Photostream service and a Dropbox folder to hold onto my pics. Though I do use the new iPad to stream content to TV, it is not media saved on the device itself.

As it is, the 16GB is plenty for magazines like Ferdinand and Christophorus. £50 saved is nice when you add in maybe earning some Nectar points on an Amex card and then discount selling an earlier iPad: keep meaning to sell my 1st gen.

If this all sounds like a foreign language, it’s not. Let me explain!

  • GB (gigabytes) is the amount of memory your device has: the bigger the number (16, 32, 64), the more stuff you can put on it. Music, documents, movies, photos.
  • Photostream allows Apple devices to sync pictures between each other, so a picture I take now with my iPhone is immediately available on the iPad & Mac/Macbook. If I was using the iPad’s ‘photo frame’ feature at home, then any pics I take while working overseas can immediately be seen by the kids back at home (for example).
  • Dropbox is an online folder system that lets you stores files in the cloud (on the Internet) so you can see them anywhere you can get an Internet connection. iPhone, Macbook, iPads and iMac all have a dropbox hookup, so I can see whatever files I’ve got online easily from any device. You can save any kind of file you like: if it’s digital, it can live on Dropbox. It is also dead easy to share files between people on Dropbox: great for business and personal users alike.
  • 3G means you can access data when no wifi connection is available. All iPads are wifi enabled, so you can use them to get online anywhere there is a wifi hookup (work, McDonalds, on the bus or train etc). I hardly ever used the 3G on my iPad 1, so didn’t bother with it for the new one. I just bought the cheapest model, which has worked out fine.

Later iPads have a great display: definitely worth the extra money. The latest iPad has me hooked in a way I did not experience with the first gen: it was good, but not the same. Retina display is beautiful. Porsche has a stack of apps for iPad – we will look at them all in the coming weeks. Christophorus in particular is nicely designed, and it is free to download.

Ferdinand will not be free but it won’t be as expensive as other iPad Porsche magazines: about half the price. Ferdinand is also specifically put together for the iPad’s screen and not just print magazine pdf files that get sent to printers. The interface is not packed with annoying gadgets and swipes just because it can be done: I can’t stand that rubbish and it adds bundles to the amount of space a mag takes up on your device.

I’m working on Ferdinand 4 at the minute and it should be out in September. Pretty exciting stuff!

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