Rising Prices for Porsche 996 Turbo define hot Porsche market

This summer was a quiet one for UK used Porsche specialists; long-time motor trade contacts reported fewer telephone enquiries and a drop in showroom footfall. With the schools on summer break and staff holidays for everyone, some of this was seasonal, and the Olympics didn’t help. Once buyers’ attentions are diverted elsewhere, it’s hard to catch their eye.

Now the kids are back at school, the market’s picking up. Sunny UK weather is warming enthusiasm, and Porsche specialists are reaping the benefit. JZM Porsche is one firm feeling the difference. Located just north of London, the independent specialist is famous for a stringent inspection policy and inclusive one-year warranty on all used Porsche cars: a mix of own stock and carefully selected consignment.

I’m not repeating some PR line here. I’ve seen the inspection process at work and witnessed rejections first-hand. It’s no exaggeration to say these cars are the cream! A good example is the spotless 12k-mile Porsche 996 Turbo seen here, which recently sold in a just a few days.

“The car was immaculate,” sais JZM sales director, Russ Rosenthal. “We rarely see cars as good. Silver with full Metropole Blue leather, the interior was out of the box. We knew it would be popular, but were surprised by how quickly it found a new home.”

Priced at £33,400, this December ’03 Tiptronic S Coupe was over £10k cheaper than a 21k-mile 996 Turbo S manual coupe from March 2005, currently advertised in the Pistonheads 996 Turbo Classifieds. The 2005 is a little newer, but that price seems quite an ask for a privately-sold Turbo with higher mileage and no warranty. Turbo engines are more reliable than the cooking 996 options, but they’re still not trouble-free. Fixing water leaks in leaky manifolds is an engine-out job, and getting to the affected part is no cakewalk even then.

A quick flash through the Pistonheads 997 Turbo ads shows this 2008 car with 28,000 miles, still under Porsche warranty until March 2014 for £51k: £8k more than the 2005 996. Seems to me that high-priced 996 Turbos can expect to feel some pressure as 997s continue to depreciate.

I’d love to hear from anyone in the UK who’s recently sold a 996 Turbo Manual Coupe: what was interest like and how fast did it sell? There are 99 listed on Pistonheads and a few more in the 997 section, so hardly a shortage at the minute. A good 996 Turbo is one car I’d love to own, and probably the first car I would consider buying from a dealer: mainly for the warranty.

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