Red Bull Plane versus Porsche 911

Lot of plane stuff going on lately. A midnight eBay meet last night was with a private pilot, prompting tales of seeing planes for sale in California while working with flying photographer, Jamie Lipman.

Red Bull Plane races Porsche

I also caught a great race on Discovery a few nights ago, where a jet-powered school bus raced (and beat) a full-on stunt plane at 310 mph: amazing to watch. Anyway, all that led me to some Youtube videos and this one in particular: a Red Bull airshow plane racing a Speed Yellow Porsche 997 Carrera S Cabriolet.

The actual race seems a bit bizarre, so there’s no real point to this video other than cool photography and all that gorgeous sunshine. To fellow Porsche fans currently enduring the frozen depths of a Northern European winter: enjoy.

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