Porsche Video: Cayenne Off-Road Silverstone Experience

Ferdinand enjoyed a day at Porsche’s Silverstone Experience Centre last week, doing a bit of driver training while sampling some of the current model range with Porsche Cars GB.

Ferdinand Porsche Cayenne off road

The section I was most keen to try was the off-road course. Developed by the brains behind the Cayenne Trans-Siberia Rally, the short course is a series of 1:1 gradients and mixed obstacles, assembled to showcase the Cayenne platform’s abilities.

Porsche had a video crew on site for the day, so I seized the opportunity to shoot a little bit of video of me scaring myself at all kinds of silly angles. Regular readers will know I run 4wd daily drivers and am a big Cayenne fan. I think it probably shows! Forty five degrees is nuts in these things – your seatback angle feels almost horizontal, and then you drive a big car up and down at that. The hill-hold system is really effective.

Ferdinand Porsche Cayenne off road (1)

The Cayenne in this video is a pre-production example which was never registered for the road. Normally these cars are crushed after development, but this one has instead been shipped to Silverstone and done 2,100 miles, mostly off road. There are no squeaks or groans: it’s a really impressive demonstration. We’ve got the air suspension raised in this video, but a steel sprung Cayenne will do the course too: short overhangs mean it will go up and down quite aggressive inclines.

The best thing about this place is that all new Porsche buyers get half a day’s training at Silverstone as part of their purchase. While you might not ever use these off-road abilities after you take delivery, you’re introduced to what your new Cayenne is capable of on this course, the ice hill, kick plate and handling circuit. I really love that idea! We’re forever coming across 4×4 drivers scared to get in mud with their new toy up here in the sticks.

Our first bit of proper video: thanks to Porsche and Circuit Pro for their help and hard work. I know what I’d change given the chance to do a second take. What do you think?

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