Supercup Hungary: Engelhart’s Revenge *Updated*

Race 2 in Porsche Supercup Hungary asked the drivers how much they wanted it. Two men shone: neither was a championship contender.

On this narrow, winding track, polesitter Sean Edwards had a decent start alongside team mate, Christian Engelhart. With the car hooked up, Sean spotted Christian’s even better start and made a robust move to the right, but Christian had his nose in front and kept the lead through the hairpin turn 1.

Edwards’ move meant his car was alongside Christian’s, which allowed Nicky Thiim to stick to the leader. Blocked out of the train, Sean was pushed from second into third. It was a sweet move by Nicky on cold tyres and brakes, and he held the position right through the race.

All credit to Edwards who kept the championship in mind and drove a mature race. Anyone else might have banged their way past Thiim but, with only two points to gain from an extra place and 16 to lose from a potential crushed radiator and a DNF, Edwards kept his nose clean and kept pressure on Thiim. Credit to Nicky also: he drove an almost perfect race without blocking too aggressively. It was beautiful racing by both Porsche guys and very exciting to watch.

Man of the race must be Engelhart. Blistering in Barcelona qualifying, he was denied the chance at a win with the race cancellation, so this was sweet response to disappointment. Good as the second place battle was, Michael Ammermüller (below) deserves a mention for his super-sharp move on Race 1 winner Estre into Turn 2 as Kevin drifted wide of the apex. Rookie Ammermüller is also great to watch: surely a champion in the making.

Meanwhile, we already have a champion. Though René Rast did not race this double header, he is still in strong contention for the 2012 Supercup title.

Edwards now leads by five points and only two races remain in this year’s championship: Spa and Monza. With 20 points for a win and two points for pole, Rast has a potential maximum 44 available. Second pays 18 and third is good for 16 so, should René take the max from the next two rounds, Edwards will be beat.

With Estre (below) looking feisty and just 1 point behind in third, it’s a thrilling finish to the 2012 season, and you should be watching! Assuming Eurosport keep Martin Haven on the microphone, that is the place to see it all unfold.

The official Porsche Supercup site says both remaining races are the 27th to 29th of July 2012. Here’s the proper dates: put them in your diary!

Supercup Spa: 30 August to 02 September.

Supercup Monza: 27 to 29 September.

**STOP PRESS** Edwards’ car now disqualified for technical infringements. Estre leads the championship by one point from Rast, Siedler third and Sean Edwards now fourth. More news as I get it.

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