Porsche Juniors: Future Motorsport Heroes 4

The fourth of our videos from the Porsche Motorsport Junior programme announces the choice of Christensen and Bachler as the 2012 Junior superstars.

Now, the drivers must go to Hockenheim and meet their new team bosses for Carrera Cup Deutschland. If they thought the selection contest was all about pressure, this pre-season test cranks it to another level.

Bachler will race for Team Tolimit: the most successful Porsche Carrera Cup team in the world. With 138 Porsche podiums in the company’s history to the start of the 2011 season, this is a team hooked on filling trophy shelves.

Christensen will race for the legendary Franz Konrad, who currently has ferocious racers Christian Engelhart and Sean Edwards, and young Renger van der Zande in his Supercup cars. What will the Austrian racer and former Nürburgring 24-Hour winner make of the new boy?

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