Porsche Juniors: Future Motorsport Heroes 2

This week, the Ferdinand Porsche Magazine blog is running a five-part video series examining the 2012 Porsche Juniors: Stuttgart’s young driver development programme. Our second video looks at selection process part one: fitness. Anyone who works out using resistance training will know just how genuine the strain is in this film!

It’s also interesting to see the different sizes and physiques of the drivers. Michael Christensen – one of the eventual winners (below with Sascha Maassen) – has come up through the formula ranks but, at six feet tall, he’s no single-seat squirt.  Some of the other drivers look compact in comparison. Michael’s career includes Formula BMW Europe, where he took 7 wins in 16 races in the ’09 season, and two seasons in GP3.

Fitness is critical to motorsport success. Endurance events are at the heart of Porsche racing culture so, if you’ve not got the fitness to hustle a 1200-kilo 911 RSR around Le Mans on a triple stint, and then repeat the process a few hours later, this is not the team for you. Let’s watch the video:

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