New models: Porsche Macan marketing

Porsche has launched a mini-site for the Macan, set to be unveiled at the LA Motor Show next month.

Porsche Macan minisite

Macan will quckly establish itself as the best seller in the Porsche range. The assured success of the new baby Porsche hasn’t stopped Stuttgart from trundling out the heritage, and shoving a picture of Ferdinand in Number 1 on the Macan site.

“Porsche is a company that is not afraid to tread its own path. The new Porsche Macan remains true to this principle.” runs the accompanying text, despite the fact that this car is based on an Audi Q5. Call me a hypocrite with my Cayenne cooling down outside the back gate after a particularly manic night-time thrash home from college with the traction control switched off, but whoring out pics of Ferry like this leaves a rather bad taste.

Porsche Kubelwagen off road

I love my Cayenne and it flies down the road like a Porsche 4×4 ought to, but I don’t remember Cayenne launch marketing featuring pics of the all-wheel-drive vehicles that Porsche developed for the German military, including the Type 87 Kubelwagen and awesome Tiger tanks. The Cayenne book includes pics of the 959 on Paris-Dakar as a media-friendly Porsche 4×4, but nothing proper early from when Ferdinand Porsche embraced 4×4 with real imagination.

Why do we need pics of Ferry in a 356 alongside the launch of Macan? Macan is the motoring iPhone 5S: a flavour of the month that will replace the Range Rover Vogue as yummy mummy wheels of choice. Ferdinand Jr means nothing to most of these people, and there’s enough other stuff on the minisite to hold their attention.

I would include a pic of Macan here to show its yummimumminess, but of course the marketers have actual pictures of the actual car all locked up, ready for choreographed spy shot releases a week ahead of launch. Oh, for some Ferdinand-style imagination.

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