Bloodthirsty Wolf hunts Prime British Beef: Porsche Henzler v Aston

This time last week, I was sitting on the balcony of the Porsche Motorsport tent at the 2012 Nurburgring 24-Hour, talking about Le Mans and listening to the cars going around. One of the cars was the Falken 911 GT3 R. One of the drivers was Wolf Henzler.

Before the race started, I spent an hour chatting with a plumber from the same town as Wolf. It’s a small place, but Henzler is not the only racing man from that neck of the woods. The plumber put it down to good kart tracks locally and a lack of other stuff for kids to do.

To see how Henzler’s karting paid off, watch this Falken video of the opening two laps of the 2012 N24. This is absolute commitment to making progress: getting past the guy in front. Porsche versus McLaren plays out in this video: the blue one from the start ended up smashed to bits. If you can’t take 18 minutes/2 laps, go straight to 17 and watch Howling Wolf Henzler get full on and flat out.

What about the block moves by that Kremer 911 (above)? Seemed a bit much, but I’m used to prissy F1. I’d never make a race driver: I’d have lost my rag and swapped bodywork, or stuck us both in the barriers.

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