Classic Porsche Agreed Insurance Valuation UK


Market valuation insurance policies on classic cars are the wrong way to go. If someone steals your classic Porsche in impeccable condition tomorrow, a market value policy will create no end of hassle and may leave you seriously out of pocket.

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The classic Porsche market is littered with substandard cars in need of work, all sold on low price. Anyone happy using £8,000 sheds as a barometer for their £25,000-to-replace 3.2 Carrera or something seriously specialist needs their head examined.

Ferdinand Magazine owner, John Glynn, has spent over 25 years in the motor industry, buying and selling cars for trade and retail. John clocked up ten years with Glass’s Guide in the UK valuing older cars and modern classics, for clients in the trade and the financial services industry.

“Always run an agreed value policy on your classic Porsche,” John insists. “It’s the easiest way to ensure you will be properly compensated should the worst ever happen. Never leave the total loss of a car worth tens of thousands of pounds open for debate. ALWAYS AGREE A VALUE!”

John does agreed insurance valuations on classic Porsche cars that are accepted by every UK insurance company, even when insisting on independent engineer’s inspection. The agreed valuations cost from £35. Email and let’s discuss your Porsche.