Porsche Agreed Insurance Valuation UK

Agreed insurance valuations are a priority with the current explosion of demand and soaring value for classic Porsche cars. Owners are often woefully under-insured when the worst happens.

agreed insurance valuation porsche 911 959 UK

Where to get an Agreed Insurance Valuation

There are many ways that Porsche owners can obtain an agreed insurance valuation.

  1. Your local Porsche specialist can fill in a form supplied by your insurer and guesstimate value
  2. Your Porsche club of choice can usually provide an insurance valuation
  3. You can get one from Ferdinand Magazine owner, John Glynn

Our Valuation History and Expertise

John Glynn has spent over 25 years in the motor trade, 10 of them with Glass’s Guide, as Older Car and Consumer Values Editor. John is an acknowledged used car expert, and expert automotive commentator for consumer and trade media. John is a well-known Porsche journalist, owning Ferdinand Magazine, Porsche specialist marketing company, Mighty Motor Media and the 4,000-member Porsche forum at impactbumpers.com.

How to Obtain Your Porsche Valuation

The agreed insurance valuation process is simple: we get some recent pictures, then have a discussion by telephone on condition and history, then create an insurance valuation letter which insurance companies use as a reference. Any queries are followed up direct with John.

The cost is for an insurance valuation is £35 payable by bank transfer. Email us now to discuss your insurance valuation.

Retail and Part-Exchange Valuations

Please note our Porsche agreed insurance valuations are NOT retail or part exchange valuations and should not be used as such. Sales valuation services and expert value consultations are available separately.