Shipping the Porsche 919 LMP1 Race Car Worldwide

Porsche has just shared pictures of the logistics operation surrounding its WEC 919 Hybrid campaign. Some pics show bodywork for the Porsche LMP1 prototype stacked sideways in a transport frame, offering an interesting view and perspective of the components.

Porsche uses a variety of methods to send the various parts of its 919 WEC racing team around the globe. The second half of the WEC season – Texas, Japan, China, Bahrain and Brazil – involves flying 35 tonnes of equipment across 40,000 kilometres: equivalent to circumnavigating the world. Surprisingly, none of that payload is catering; Stuttgart makes its race team eat in paddock canteens.

Porsche 919 LMP1 Hybrid Shipping (4)

DHL is a Porsche team sponsor. A DHL-chartered 747-400F serves the Porsche racing squad and a number of other teams. Packing up after each race takes as much as three days, and four planes serve the WEC field. Flying from Bahrain to Brazil takes 18 hours, with a quick break en route in Nigeria.

Porsche flies twelve bespoke cargo units from race to race. The boxes are delivered to the paddock in order of circuit requirement, with the materials required to establish base camp coming first, down to driver helmets in the final container.

The two race cars used in 2014 don’t fit into containers. WEC cars are shipped in the same way as other racers: strapped into racks, with fluids drained, mirrors and aero removed and riding on old tyres.

Porsche 919 LMP1 Hybrid Shipping

Porsche 919 Racing Jenson Button

Should Porsche run a third LMP1 car in 2015, the freight loads and costs will increase. Third cars require more parts, more mechanics, more wheels and tyres, more engines, more garage space. They also require three more race drivers. Rumours have not cooled regarding a Jenson Button Porsche drive for 2015: Jenson has been making more “I might be off to pastures new” noises at the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix in Sao Paolo this morning, but he did tweet “wait until you hear it from the horse’s mouth” in response to the myriad chatter.

A photo shared on Ferdinand Magazine’s busy Facebook page discussing Jenson button’s potential move to Porsche next year earned more than 10,000 likes and hundreds of highly supportive comments. There is no doubt of a super positive reaction from fans – including me – should JB join with Weissach next year. Quite exciting potential.

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