Porsche 911 Limousine For Sale: and it’s a Targa

This Porsche 911 Limousine for sale is bordering on viral right now: 7270 views of the sale page and counting. I can see why so many people would be interested in this unique opportunity.

Porsche 911 Limousine 1

Seems this started life as a 1983 911 SC Targa, which was stretched to give two sets of doors and a rear Targa roof. The seller explains how the car was being built for a now deceased US restaurateur before the project stalled.

Porsche 911 Limousine 2

There’s no engine in this limo, so fit whatever your heart desires. The 959 body kit is already fitted, so a lot of work has been saved there. Priced at $45,000, you can reach the seller through the classified ad should you be so inclined.

Porsche 911 Limousine 3

Feeling very nice today, don’t know why. Could be cake-related. Thanks to Dom at Specialist Vehicle Preparations for bringing this to my attention.

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