Patience is Key to Porsche Driving

RallyTV has just uploaded a fascinating video. Filmed on test with Tuthill Porsche at a favourite Welsh facility, the video opens with a short but insightful discussion on 911 dynamics. Then the protagonists mount their Porsche missile and head onto the course, to undo thirty years of front engined/rear drive habits.

“A well-driven Porsche is unbeatable.” So says Richard Tuthill, before explaining the tactics that have taken him to historic rally wins in 911s acros the UK and Europe. “I split the corner into three parts. First we get the front of the car under control using brakes and steering. Then we wait. The instant the rear of the car is settled, we floor it – fast as we can go.

“The big advantage of a 911 is traction. The biggest challenge is understeer. When these two elements are fully understood, a Porsche driver is equipped to go quickly, as long as they remember the patience.”

You will learn from this video: understanding weight transfer has everything to do with car control. If you think “this is rallying and of no use to me”, wake up. Walter Röhrl was World Rally Champion before he ever became synonymous with classic Porsche, and Röhrl is no slouch on the road!

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