New Porsche Macan Scooped at the Nurburgring

Autoevolution has run pictures of the new Porsche Macan, spy-shot scooped in heavy disguise. The website doesn’t say so, but the pics were clearly taken outside the Nürburgring.

The location, deep-dish rear wheels, massive front brakes and a motley array of exhausts is encouraging. All of us who want this truck to light a sports spark under Porsche’s SUVs can feel confident: the chassis looks well settled into ‘fast road’ development.

Don’t draw premature aesthetic conclusions. Though some parts are the finished example, the final design will differ for sure. Do enjoy the proportions of driver to vehicle, and car to itself – quite a bit tighter than Panzermera & Cayenne. Many of my forty-something brethren will buy into the spirit of this machine, and it should pull the younger set, too.

Macan may be to Cayman what Cayenne is to 991. I feel an emergent symbiosis between Cayenne and latest ’11 that may explain my sense of Cayman’s loneliness, or maybe I’ve been watching too much Star Wars. I sense (Luke) that Macan could add something as yet unforeseen to baby tin-top ballsiness – need to research the psychology here. Add your comments and/or abuse.

These screw-on bits á la 993 GT2 add mucho DIY sexiness: a performance/styling option that Porsche might consider offering on its sports truck. Actually, why not offer 993 Evo Club Sport-style arches on everything? *pause* – hear that? It’s the PRs changing the subject.

Porsche 991 GT2 EVO Club Sport Dorint Hotel edition track rat: let’s get this new-Porsche Nurburg party started! Send me your artists’ impressions!

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