New models: Porsche Cayman PDK like a Boss

Following the live unveiling from the Porsche stand at the LA Auto Show, official details of the new Porsche Cayman (2013) have just been released.

As previously mentioned, new Cayman has a little more power than the equivalent Boxster. It is also lighter than its predeccessor: up to 30 kg lighter, depending on  model and equipment. It also uses less fuel, at up to 15% less per 100 kms: a consequence of weight and smarter drivetrain.

Styling is slick. The body is longer, with a wider track. Bigger wheels will give a sharper ride: we’ll know how sharp if we ever get a spin in one. For sure it will be stiffer than the soft top Boxster, as there’s no substitute for a roof when it comes to rigidity.

PDK plays a noticeable part in this launch. It’s the shifter of choice in the only interior shot, and gets a press release paragraph all to itself. “Both sport coupes are delivered with standard manual six-speed transmission. The seven-speed Porsche PDK can be delivered as an option: it enables faster acceleration and better fuel economy.”

I don’t know that PDK is more economical in town, but there are advantages to a manual transmission that can’t be overlooked, principally lightness and control. Residual value is another area to wonder about with PDK, but I digress. Conversation for another time!

There are lots of other bits to talk about – adaptive cruise control and a Burmester sound system – but let’s wait until we see one in the metal and can study the details, rather than just regurgitating press releases. New Cayman is on sale now and launches through Europe in March. UK prices start at £39,694 for Cayman and £48,783 for Cayman S. Base prices in Germany are €51,385/€64,118.

Check out the new Porsche Cayman minisite at

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