New Porsche Book: Seinfeld 356 comes to Karl’s Party

by on August 6, 2012

Bentley Publishers announces that Jerry Seinfeld’s 1949 Porsche Gmund Coupe 356 2/040, the car that inspired Karl Ludvigsen’s forthcoming book Porsche – Origin of the Species, will be on display at the book launch event on Saturday, August 18 in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Jerry’s ex-Otto Mathé Gmünd coupe, one of the oldest original-condition Porsches on the road today, is said to be “the car from which all Porsche 356s and, by extension, 911s trace their lineage”. I can think of earlier Ferdinand creations that tie into later Porsches but, nevertheless, this car is a peach.

Author Karl Ludvigsen will give the keynote speech at the Porsche 356 East Coast Holiday in the presence of this historic Porsche. His talk will be drawn from Porsche – Origin of the Species, which will debut at the event.

The book is $120 in the USA. Amazon has it on pre-order for £70 in the UK.

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