New Bilstein Dampers for Porsche 997 (Non Turbo)

Bilstein has released an upgraded damper for the normally aspirated/non-Turbo Porsche 997 series of 911 models.

The suspension manufacturer claims its OEM relationship with Porsche AG has allowed it to create the ultimate upgrade, maintaining character and comfort while increasing handling precision. I’ve not driven a 997 thus equipped but, if your dampers are coming due for a change, it’s probably worth bearing these units in mind. They will certainly feel sharper than whatever you take off.

Dominic Delaney at Porsche 997 servicing spot SVP in Worcester points out that the Porsche 997 is also known for cracking its springs, so it might be an idea to replace those at the same time. Bilstein say the B6 997 damper will work with original or aftermarket coils. No information on whether product warranties depend on original spring fitment.

The release also says the unit will offer “significantly greater service life than the standard part, and increase active safety through more efficient braking and better traction“. I would put these claims and talk of “ultimate upgrades” to the back of your mind, and firstly consider the price and your driving style. A set of these inc VAT is £1600, plus springs plus fitting. Call it two grand: then compare it to what else is out there.

Always interested to hear from Porsche tweakers, tuners and DIY fans. Have you changed your 997 suspension? What did you fit and how has it worked out? Let us know in the comments.

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