New models: Porsche Cayman early video review

Lots of tweets and blogs coming from the Porsche Cayman press launch at the minute, and all of it positive so far.

New Porsche Cayman Review Ferdinand

“This car sounds just beautiful and the throttle response is electric,” says Autocar‘s Steve Sutcliffe in his first drive video (watch it at the bottom). Sutcliffe also reminds us that the steering is electric. “It’s not as pure as the old system and it never will be, but it’s still very accurate, very precise and the front of this car goes absolutely where you want it to.”

“If you can afford it, have a PDK,” says Steve, in his review of engine and gearbox. “This gearbox is fantastic: this car is fantastic. I can’t believe you get all this performance, refinement and this beautiful interior for £48,000.

New Porsche Cayman Review Ferdinand (1)

“The Cayman now feels like the 911 used to feel. I’d have this instead of a 911 any day of any week. The new Cayman S is absolutely mind-bogglingly brilliant.”

Meanwhile, back at Rancho Real World, new Cayman has two seats to the 911s four, it’s £60k-ish for what other journos call the real-world spec Cayman S and who knows where residuals are headed, given the production volumes that Porsche is moving towards.

New Porsche Cayman Review Ferdinand (3)

Youtube comments on the vid predictably slate Porsche for not building a 911-beating version as some kind of range protectionism, but the Cayman S with PDK now does 0-60 in 4.7 seconds: a tad faster than the basic 991 manual. Porsche are not holding back: how much quicker should a normally aspirated production motor of this size get to 100 km/h from a standstill?

With a 924 Turbo, 944 and project 912 in the stable with the orange Carrera, I’m no 911 bore. I do like Cayman and recently enjoyed a Saturday morning with this 2010 Gen II Porsche Cayman 2.9 for sale at JZM Porsche but, when it comes to thoughts of owning one, I’ve already got a two-seater Porsche that doesn’t get used much. For those of us with kids who don’t do much solo driving except on the odd weekend, Cayman is a luxury, as are all two-seat sports cars.

New Porsche Cayman Review Ferdinand (4)

The series production 911 has lasted 50 years thanks to its practicality: four seats, a good turn of speed and behind-the-wheel character to die for. Nice as the new Cayman is, I wouldn’t pick it over a same-price 911 and others will agree. But that doesn’t make us anti-Cayman: there’s room for every flavour in the Porsche fridge.

I know lots of Cayman owners read the Ferdinand Magazine blog. What do you make of the new one and the cost to change – will you be trading up?

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