Manthey Porsche to merge with Raeder Automotive

Interesting news from Manthey this morning, as a merger is anounced between the Nürburgring-based Porsche tuner and Raeder Automotive, more famous for their work with Audi cars. Here’s the release:

Raeder Manthey Porsche

Raeder Automotive GmbH will come together with Manthey-Racing GmbH. The aim of the merger is a future-aligned structure that on the one hand combines the competencies of two experienced enterprises, and on the other hand safeguards the life’s work of Olaf Manthey.

Nick Tandy Porsche Cup 2012 Manthey 4

With the fusion agreed for 2013, Olaf Manthey is securing the future of the enterprise he founded and still runs, well before his actual retirement. “In this way, Manthey and Raeder will create the best possible prerequisites for future success,” said Manthey. “In Nicolas and Martin Raeder, I am glad to have found two people whose view of the business corresponds to mine!” 

The previously sole shareholder attaches great importance to the professional continuation of his life’s work. “It hasn’t escaped my notice in recent years that the Raeder brothers go about their job with great professionalism! In this respect it makes me glad to have secured them both for this special partnership.”

Tandy Holzer Manthey Porsche 2

Martin Raeder also emphasizes that all parties want to meet the challenges of the future together: “We are more effective as a unified force and can cover a broader performance spectrum.” Adds Nicolas Raeder: “We believe we have an unmatched combination of experience, dynamism and expertise.”

For the next few years, Olaf Manthey will remain professionally active as before: “My workload will be not lower at all in the near future,” he confirms.

Continuity is the order of the day at Raeder, too. The successful end-consumer business will continue and be further developed under the Raeder Motorsport brand name. With the company’s move from Büren to the Eifel, the new premises currently under construction in Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße in Meuspath will become the new point of contact for the owners of clubsport-oriented vehicles.

Tandy Holzer Manthey Porsche 3

I spoke to Manthey’s UK distributor, JZM Porsche in Hertfordshire about the news. Jonas and Steve are confident that Manthey’s excellence in all things Porsche will continue, and this will not change their agreement.

Porsche’s man in the know says nothing will change for the 991 motorsport programme Manthey is currently connected to, and has no wish to speculate on what might happen years from now. Rightly so.

Handing down a legacy is a choice all business leaders have to make eventually. Let’s hope Olaf has handed his important history to the right people.

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