JZM Porsche 996 GT3 Manthey Transmission Upgrades

This superb Porsche 996 GT3 caught my eye at JZM Porsche on Wednesday. The car was in for a transmission upgrade, via a package of mods Steve McHale (JZM tech boss) has combined to bring even more excitement to the GT3 track day cars.

Ferdinand JZM Manthey Porsche Transmission Upgrade 1

First is the Cup Car diff plates, as seen in the JZM Porsche online tuning shop. Benefits of using this improved Cup Car friction material include greater durability and increased stability, giving consistent performance compared to the standard plate lining.

Ferdinand JZM Manthey Porsche Transmission Upgrade 2

With the diff plates comes a shorter final drive, for harder acceleration akin to having an estimated extra 40 horsepower behind you. Shifting the gear ratios down means the revs at cruising speed rise, so JZM Porsche adds a Manthey Motorsport-spec taller sixth gear as a cruising ratio.

I’ve got a shorter final drive in my 911: wish I had six speeds to choose from. This will be cool when it’s done – also love the BBS rims.

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