You’ll Never Be This Cool: Part 2

Some missed the point of the Targa Florio Porsche RSR pic last night, dragging Health and Safety into the room. The point is yes, he has a fag (cigarette) in his mouth while refuelling the number 8 car, but

  • no one died
  • this car won the race
  • there is no ECU engineer with a laptop
  • no Twitter was required

If you really want to get this, forget perceived risk. Embrace confidence. Cult of Porsche is the incredible story of a team of people who started building cars in a post-war Austrian shed and went on to rule the world. Summing up all of that confidence is this car and this guy, who feels no risk despite what’s underneath him.

Gijs van Lennep Rennsport Ferdinand 2

Ignore the risk and embrace the confidence. Can-do was the attitude right through this team, from the wheel nut guy to the nut behind the wheel. If you ever meet Gijs van Lennep (above shot by me at Rennsport IV), who drove this car with Herbert Müller, he is still exactly like that. Super confident & super relaxed, with the richness of his life experience flowing through his veins and into yours, if you really get it.

Every time I hear Gijs’ voice in my head, I feel empowered. Think Steve McQueen with a Dutch accent and remember Gijs raced a riveted-together 911 around the narrow roads of Sicily on slicks, and won against the best.

Targa Florio Cigarette Refuel

If all you see is risk in this picture, you are just not getting it. This is what it’s all about: take a breath, look around, enjoy the scenery and be part of the Porsche family. Drop all the 21st centuryness and unclench.

Rules are just words written by other people – don’t pin yourself down to imaginary limits. Be like Ferry Porsche, Gijs, Steve McQueen, Kevin Jeannette and Paul Newman. Be cool, hunny bunny. Be cool.


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