Florida Porsche Sinkhole Claims Two

One recent conversation with our gracious US host for the last two weeks was on growing up in Florida, where sinkholes are the norm.

A sinkhole is where the ground suddenly caves in. It’s normally due to a bed of porous rock being eaten away by underground water: as the rock dissolves, it can no longer hold the weight placed/built on top of it and the whole thing collapses.

One such sinkhole at Winter Park in 1981 claimed five Porsche cars, three of which were exhumed. The other two ended up at the bottom of the lake that quickly formed when the ground water rose up in the hole.

First to disappear down the hole was an old lady’s house: she was saved by her dog barking. That house was followed by a dry cleaners’ and a Porsche shop, along with a new & used car dealership forecourts (though they saved all the cars).

You can see the midnight blue 928 in one pic: they got that out, along with the blue 1974 2.7 Targa. A white 911 coupe was not so lucky. Today, this spot is home to Lake Rose: named after the grandmother whose house was first to fall in.

Here’s a great video showing the scale of this craziness. Love the music playing in the helicopter: Guilty by Barbra Streisand and the Bee Gees, a Grammy-winning song in 1981. I remember it all too well for comfort.


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