EB Porsche 911 SC RS Front Bumper in paint

I dropped in to Francis Tuthill’s workshop for a coffee yesterday, and caught up on the projects in build. One that caught my eye was this 911 SC RS-inspired Turbo-Look Carrera.

The 3.2 Turbo-Look was marketed as Supersport in the UK (some owners call them SSE). I’m an impact bumper guy at heart, but have never been big on the Turbo-look: the drive feels stodgy on UK country roads and that longstroke engine lacks urgency versus the 3.0. The idea of a Turbo body with standard engine seems to me like sticking a Batmobile kit on a 316 BMW.

Enthusiast owners tell me I’m driving too slow, stating that the car is best at high speed, where the wider Turbo track and Turbo brakes can really show their hand. “The RSR is the ultimate Turbo-Look, and look at that car’s race record”. This is probably true.

Anyway, Tuthill Porsche has been working a hot Turbo-Look project for a Swedish customer and it’s really coming together.  The bodywork rust has been sorted, the interior has been stripped down to lightweight spec and the car has been repainted with some body mods.

When it arrived, it had a flat engine lid, which we love on Turbo-Look Carreras. Big Fuchs are also great, but those heavy stock bumpers didn’t help the look.

Enter Yorkshire-based EB Motorsport, defending champions in World Sportscar Masters, part of the pan-European Masters Historic series. EB makes a wide range of lightweight Porsche body panels. Tuthill Porsche helps run the EB Motorsport RSR and is also building a marvellous 3.0 RS for EB – a future Ferdinand feature car. The two firms have big respect for each other: a great professional relationship.

In the corner of a storeroom at Tuthill HQ was a battered SC RS bumper from their Rothmans Porsche days. The part was damaged but could it be used as a base for something? The result is the EB Motorsport EB Motorsport 911 SC RS front bumper. Priced at just £380 ex-works, the bumper is perfect for widebody cars. EB is also working on a narrow-body version of this: sounds great!

These pictures show the front bumper fitted and painted and also the EB RSR rear bumper, another perfect fit for Turbo bodies.Taking that bulky bumper assembly off either end of the Carrera lifts the lines with a distinctive style and strips weight where you just don’t want it. Tuthills have also rebuilt the 3.2 engine, with some breathing tweaks and a better exhaust. Can’t wait for a drive in this one.

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