Copenhagen Historic: Rally Porsches on the Streets

by on August 1, 2012

It’s the Copenhagen Historic Festival this weekend and there’s lots of Porsche content coming up. We’re looking forward to seeing what the rally Porsche entries can do, as Waldegård won his race in one last year, so it’s ride heights down and race tyres on!

Team Tidö is on the event with the Swedish State of Art Porsches, including the 2.8- and 2.9-litre twinplugs on butterflies, and the Turbo rally car that did Midnight Sun Rally a fortnight ago. One of their number will debut a new car: the ex-Glenn Janssen Martini-scheme RSR seen here, with a 3.0 RSR engine on high butterflies, big brakes, sticky tyres and not much weight.

Also on the event is the 3.3-litre Porsche 930 rally car built for Midnight Sun to be the fastest-accelerating historic car on gravel. “It’s brilliant”, says Richard. “Boost comes in at the apex of the corner and it rockets out the other side: I want to build one for myself!”

I’m hoping to get a spin in the 911 Turbo tomorrow. Tuthill Porsche has just rebuilt the engine (below) after a cam drive failed in Sweden, taking out the oil pump and writing off one top end. The turbocharger has also been rebuilt and the whole thing looks very tidy: a split-case, flat-six rebuild in three days including all machining is impressive, even by Tuthill standards. The car leaves Wardington on Wednesday afternoon, so fingers crossed that leaves time for a ride for Johnnyboy!

Here’s a video from the 2011 event to get you excited about what’s coming up. If you’re anywhere near Copenhagen, you need to get to this!

My favourite bit of this video is where the guy takes his glasses off and then tries to video the experience on a hand-held iPhone. Having done this myself, I know that he is experiencing none of the ride and has nothing to see later, but I do like his enthusiasm!

Keep it tuned to the Ferdinand Porsche Magazine blog this weekend: we will share any news and video that comes our way.

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