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Our Privacy Policy is simple. All information is private.

You are invited to share your email address for our newsletter (see left: many thanks if you have done so), but that is as much as we know about you. If you do not subscribe to the Ferdinand Porsche Magazine newsletter, then:

  • We will not collect personal details.
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Where you are signed up to the newsletter:

  • We will do our utmost to protect user privacy through use of security technology.
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New Ferdinand Magazine is absolutely anti-spam. Rest assured that we will never facilitate contact by uninvited organisations.

Simple Cookie Policy

Like most websites, we do run unintrusive cookies to ensure your experience on the site is the best it can be. They exist to recognise your arrival and allow you to continue where you left off. They do not follow you beyond Ferdinand Magazine. You may disable cookies on your computer and continue to use this website, although we may not be able to serve you as we would like. But use of the site assumes your acceptance of our cookies.

Our privacy policy has not changed since the new European laws came into force on May 26, 2012. We have always protected your details. Our many readers outside the European Union (EU) are not covered by the new EU privacy rules, but we afford everyone the same privacy. Read more about the new EU rules at nocookielaw.com.

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