Clarkson Porsche Lover: Speed Camera Destruction

Following yesterday’s Britain’s got Speed Cameras, here’s a Porsche video to break up your day. Chief Porsche hater Jeremy Clarkson takes a 944, straps on homemade rocket launchers and drives along a runway, blowing stuff up.

Many Porsche people think others take Clarkson’s musings as gospel. There isn’t enough blood pressure medicine for this approach. Instead, assume he has just escaped from preventative internment, and is new to this world. Be entertained by the imagery, and the arrangement of some of the words.

Clarkson’s found a way to twist media and push Britain’s buttons in a lucrative order. This video is completely of that Pavlovian mould. The full version has five long minutes where the 944 drives over speed bumps in a feigned hat-tip to traditional car reviews: not good, and not what the Clarkson brand is all about.

Winding up NIMBYs and syndicating it helped Clarkson make money from an interest in cars. His overview is that of a seasoned columnist, not a motoring journalist. Occasionally, Jeremy still gets his brain in gear and writes at that level. This is why I like Clarkson’s writing, and why he is capable of genius on screen.

The 944 piece is not genius: it doesn’t need to be. It’s a Christmas DVD item tapping a known formula: a sunny Summer day, spent on a runway in a 1980’s Porsche, blowing up stuff Jeremy imagines Guardian readers love and Sun readers hate. Watch it once on Boxing Day, then stick it on eBay.

Clarkson loses no sleep over how his work relates to a Porsche lover’s ego. All he knows is that this stuff sells, and is lots of fun to make. The point here is nice tracking footage of a 944 Turbo, and some explosions. At least it’s not an exploding 944!

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