Porsche Cayenne gets Swamped in Somerset

by on November 22, 2012

Big floods here in the UK at the minute. A trip to see Worcester Porsche Cayenne service specialists, SVP in Droitwich yesterday saw my daily driver Subaru Outback wading through flooded roads submerged almost to the mirrors: I reckon it earned a few swimming badges in the muddy rivers flowing off the land.

At least I got there and home again, which was more than could be said for this Cayenne driver. This litle escapade took place a few years ago, but I bet his ears are still burning.

The story goes that, while swerving to avoid a deer, this husband drove his wife’s £58,000 Porsche Cayenne into a pond. The incident happened near Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset, when the Cayenne was just two years old. The driver escaped without injury. And then his wife caught up with him.

Pics are © Apex News in Exeter

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