Porsche and Brumos: Daytona 24 Hour, 2013

This weekend is the 2013 Daytona 24-Hour. The 51st Daytona starts at 15:30 Florida time/21:30 CET on Saturday, 26 January. Unfortunately, it’s my birthday and the day before is my best mate’s 40th, so we’ll be using the bar in his local pub to hold us upright for a few hours when the green flag drops. I’ll catch the end of the race whenever I surface on Sunday.

Brumos Porsche 59 Daytona 1

With 22 wins and counting at Daytona, Porsche has proper roots in Florida. This year, our favourite manufacturer is sending eight works drivers and two Porsche Juniors to stick the pedal to the metal, including one of last year’s GT-winning drivers, Richard Lietz.

Brumos Porsche Daytona 2012

Britain’s Nick Tandy makes his debut as a works boy in the Konrad/Orbit 911 that went so well in testing. Works pilot Marc Lieb will partner Davis, Keen and Bryan Sellers in the red, white and blue number 59 Porsche of Brumos Racing (above). For the first time in over forty years, Brumos hero Hurley Haywood will do Daytona standing up, as Grand Marshal for this legendary event.

Crew chief for much of Hurley’s Brumos career was Mike Colucci. Mike’s name came up in conversation the other day with Mike Hodges from MPH, who sent me that great pic of Jochen Mass drifting the Porsche 935 at Silverstone. The two Mikes worked together on the BF Goodrich Porsche 962s, prepared by Jim Busby in Orange County and seen below at Daytona in 1986. Mike H had a great story to share about Mike C’s road car: a 930 with a Group C turbo.

BF Goodrich Porsche 962 Daytona 1986

“BFG Crew Chief was Mike Colucci of Brumos fame. I’ll always remember him telling me he fitted a turbo from a 962 to his 930 road car. He reckoned he had around 10 secs on full boost when he joined the Interstate in California. When I saw him the following February, he said it wasn’t 10 seconds; more like five before it blew itself to pieces!”

Brumos Porsche 1973 Daytona 911 RSR  winner

Peter Gregg brought Colucci to Brumos in May 1973: the same year he and Hurley won Daytona outright in the number 59 Porsche 911 RSR (above). Mike helped the team to many more Daytona wins, and Brumos Porsche became part of the global Porsche furniture.

With so many Porsche kids taking part, Daytona 2013 should be fun. I’m looking forward to some proper racing after a long winter break, and would love to see the home boys stick it on the podium. We’ll be cheering for them all!

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