Blomqvist joins Waldegård in Tuthill Safari Defence

by on November 24, 2012

Swedish rally legends Björn Waldegård and Stig Blomqvist will run the 2013 East African Safari Classic Rally in a six-car Porsche team prepared by Tuthill Porsche.

The project was officially launched under the banner of Race4Health at a dinner in Stockholm on November 21st, one year before the start of the rally. The dinner was organised by David von Schinkel, Team Tido principal and the brains behind this challenge that will raise funds for African charities. Titan Television will follow the preparations before the rally, and in Africa during the competition.

The dinner was attended by a wide range of people from across Sweden. Team partners were also introduced, sharing the goal of kickstarting a fundraising project that also aims at rally victory. A huge total of 1.6 million Swedish Krona (£150,000) was raised at the dinner and presented to the founder of, the anchor charity partner for Race4Health. Never before has motorsport collected so much money for charity in Sweden.

David was delighted with the strong start to Tido’s campaign. “This is great! Interest in the project is enormous. To dance this tango takes a lot more than two people and without my team partners: The Swedish Postcode Lottery, Stena, Michael Storåkers, Titan and Johan Macéus, plus the generosity of all the guests, the result would not exist. I would also like to thank the drivers Fredrik Ekblom, Thed Björk, Richard Göransson, Stig Blomqvist, Björn Waldegård and Roar Lindland for supporting our track day next year for charity.”

The first Race4Health car was on display at the event: a black 911, built by Tuthill Porsche. A Tuthill 911 was the first Porsche ever to win on Safari, and Tuthills are delighted to be returning to Kenya with a strong team, including two world champion rally drivers. The five remaining cars are currently under construction, and will be ready for a test in Kenya in the spring. Richard Tuthill is over the moon, as you’d expect.

“We’ve been working with Team Tidö for many years. It’s a privilege to run a second successive Safari under the banner of a high-profile fundraising effort that seeks to help Africa: a continent and people we love. David’s skills as an innovator, manager and motivator will undoubtedly shine the light and raise valuable funds for Kenya and the charities of Race4Health. With Björn and Stig driving one Tuthill 911 each and more of our cars in support, it offers a solid opportunity to repeat our maiden victory.”

Three of the other four drivers were also announced in Sweden: Roger Samuelsson, Christer Johansson and David von Schinkel. For more information, see or stay tuned to this channel!

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