Autofarm Porsche ST on 911S Prototype

by on January 16, 2013

Autofarm‘s not too far from Ferdinand Towers, so I called in to see the guys yesterday and hung out there for the morning.

Autofarm Ferdinand Porsche Magazine 3

There’s a lot going on at Oddington Grange. Josh is quite upbeat about January, and with good reason. The service workshop was plenty busy with a pair of soft tops on the ramps and a 964RS widebody being polished after accident repair.

Autofarm Ferdinand Porsche Magazine 4

Outside were a few cars from Jersey, the Carrera RS replica recently sold, a very smart 930 in black up for grabs and the 911T/S prototype they’ve just rebuilt to run as ST. The 911 is mega pretty and impeccably finished throughout. If ever an example were needed of how Autofarm earned the reputation that’s kept them in business for 40 years this March, said car does that job.

Autofarm Ferdinand Porsche Magazine 5

This 911 arrived at Autofarm many years ago and was stashed away awaiting future overhaul. When it was taken out and inspected, it was found to have 911T engine number 1: subsequently discovered to be an early S prototype.

Autofarm Ferdinand Porsche Magazine 6

Though it’s still awaiting the engine and transmission, the car looks otherwise done to me. Josh insists there are a few jobs left which he needs to hunt down bits to finish. I don’t know what the plan is after that – not sure there is one yet – but if it comes on the market and you’re thinking of building something proper for historic racing or spirited road miles, you need to have a look at this.

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