Video: 9ff Porsche Autobahn Testing at 175 mph

Here’s an interesting video, shot on board a 900hp Porsche built by 9ff. The video description tells us what’s happening.

Porsche 911 GT3 By 9ff

“Street testing experimental MAF sensor setup. Riding in cruise mode and transition to half throttle. Result not satisfying: back to the dyno. Second test is Harry’s Laptimer Speed Display. Result ok for documentation purposes.”

I’ll say it’s okay: 277 km/h is 175 mph and obviously nowhere near full throttle. These 9ff cars are something else.

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  • Simon Howes says:

    Comical – looks like you could get out and walk by the time he’s back down to 120km/h. Distance driving in Germany is typically more tiring than other countries – many of the autobahns are two lanes just like this. Regardless of your own speed you really can’t make enough observations before acting, as you’ll be mixing it with everything from 80 to 300km/h. No place for day dreaming!

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