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Ferdinand Porsche Magazine is the Internet’s favourite daily Porsche blog, sharing news from Porsche enthusiasts and independent specialists from all around the world. Ferdinand shares news from the UK independent Porsche scene courtesy of JZM Porsche and Tuthill Porsche, along with Specialist Vehicle Preparations and EB Motorsport.


American friends of Ferdinand Porsche magazine include WEVO Porsche parts in San Francisco, USA, the Zuffenhaus Porsche workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina and our friends at Sharkwerks in Fremont, California.


Elsewhere in the world, Ferdinand is associated with JZM Gulf for Porsche in Abu Dhabi and many thousands of grass roots enthusiasts, who share pictures and updates of their Porsche projects via email to mail@ferdinandmagazine.com. Ferdinand is proud to be the true enthusiast’s favourite Porsche blog!


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